1754 - 2012 258 years Intercourse Pennsylvania
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Over 250 Years of Living History

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country in Lancaster County, Intercourse stands as a clear reminder of our traditional American heritage where people live a simpler way of life.

For directions to Intercourse PA, visit MapQuest for a local map and door-to-door directions

Celebrate June 15-16, 2012

How to Participate

The Intercourse Heritage Days Celebration takes a lot of organization, teamwork, and devotion. The town of Intercourse, from the early days, has been marked by this sort of devotion and has maintained a personal touch between community members. If you would be interested in sponsoring the event either financially or by volunteering please contact one of the following committee members, or stop by the township office and we thank you for your interest in our town and its celebration.

Mike Sensenig - Frank Howe - Kurt Thomas - Myron Stoltzfus
John Dienner -  Ben Lapp - Gerald Graham
Or Contact the Leacock Township Office - 717-768-8585

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